• November 30, 2022

Top 20 Love Text Messages

 Top 20 Love Text Messages

Are you looking for love text messages? Finding it is not a hard job for you now. Send daily love text messages to your lover and express your feelings and love. This time we are bringing here for you top 10 love text messages and we make you sure your lover will really like when you send it to him/her. You just need to keep in touch with us and get through us your favorite collection.

Top 10 Love Text Messages

  • I’m not a gambler
    but I’ve just allowed my heart
    and my mind to bet that
    i will never stop loving you.
  • I may not prove to be the perfect one for you,
    but I hope my love never fades to an end.
  • Baby if you want to know
    how much I love you,
    just try counting the rain drops…
  • Sometimes a super short message
    like this is just what he needs to make his day.
    Personally, I love this text message
    and think he will love it every time.
  • This is a classic saying that really
    works wonders every time.
    It’s unbelievably true because yes,
    nobody is perfect, but you love them anyways,
    with all of their flaws
  • Hey, it’s very true.
    There’s no such thing as a perfect love,
    so learn to love the imperfections of each other.
  • I see u, my heart drops.
    I hear ur voice, my heart melts.
    U look at me, I fall. Please catch me.
    I’ve fallen for u
  • There is never a time or place for true love.
    It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat,
    in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
  • The path that leads to love is so narrow that
    TWO cannot walk on it unless they become ONE
  • Honey, the distance between us doesn’t
    stop my love for you. I miss you every day.
  • When I came across the feeling of love,
    everything seems beautiful and I fell in love with everything.
  • Three words could change my life.
    I can do anything just to hear those three words.
    Please tell me that YOU LOVE ME.
  • I want to love you all my life.
    Together we are like a strong bond
    and I wish it never breaks or destroys ever.
  • Dance as if no ones watching!
    Love as if its never going to hurt!
  • You are my dream in my sleep.
    You are my vision in my eye.
    You are my smile on my lips.
    You are beat of my heart.
    You are Angel in my prayer.
    You are light of my life!
  • If life forced us not to be together,
    please keep me in your heart I promise
    to stay there forever!
  • Don’t love the person who enjoyz with you..
    Love the person who really suffers without you
    The pain of real love
    Can never be defined
  • Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
    Treat it gently, please do not break it.
    Its full of love that’s good and true,
    So please keep it always close to u.
  • Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive,
    not how u listen but how u understand,
    not what u see but how u feel, and
    not how u let go but how u hold on.
  • Don’t hold on to anger, hurt or pain.
    They steal your energy and keep you away from love.

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