• December 7, 2022

Good Night Wishes Quotes

 Good Night Wishes Quotes

Sending good night wishes quotes to someone is shows that how much you love him/her and what you considered him/her in your life. You should send daily good night wishes quotes to your dear ones because it makes your relation more strong. Here we are presenting you top and unique collection of good night wishes quotes and all our collection will inspire you and your loved ones. Just visit our website and get through us easily your favourite collection.

Good night wishes quotes

  • Touch your heart;
    Close your eyes;
    Make a wish;
    Say Goodnight;
    Sky so wide,
    Stars so bright,
    Turn off the lights,
    and say Good Night!!!
  • Night is silent, night is beautiful, night is calm, night is quiet…
    but night is not complete without a wish to u.good night..
    sweet dreams
  • The greatest gift U can giv 2 som 1 is ur time.
    Bec it is the portion of ur life which will never come back.
    Have a peaceful night sleep.
  • HELLO FRIENDS “GOOD NIGHT” have a wonderful time and
    we will meet again in Morning mail of mine, “SWEET DREAMS
  • One day I wish my dream would come true
    And I’d wake up next to you. Till then Good Night!
  • Music is love, the love of music,
    music is my life and i love my
    and you life. Thank Good Night!!!
  • One evening i will come 2 ur room
    lock the door, turn off the lights, join u in bed
    I’ll come closer 2 u, my lips near ur face
    And I’ll shout, Have a gr8 night!!!
  • Do not count what u have lost.
    Just see what u have now,
    because past never comes back
    but sometimes future can give u back ur lost things!
    ‘good night’.
  • My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation.
  • Good night, and good luck.
  • I wish that God would hold you tight. I hope that angels would keep you in sight. Now just to make sure you feel all right, I’m gonna blow you a sweet goodnight.
  • Remember to put me in your dreams and make that dream INTENSE. Love you babe goodnight.
  • Look…the moon is calling you!!
    See…the stars are shining for you!!
    Listen…the mosquito’s are singing to you!!
    Hear…my heart says:
    “Good night”
  • + / +
    “*\ good //*”
    // Night \”+”
    ¤/ ¤.
    Have a sweetest night…
  • Never, say dreaming is useless,
    because life is useless if you can’t dream.
    Have a nice dream …
    sweet Night …
    and Miss Me!!!
  • Here are my SPECIAL WISHES for you tonight:
    A Night Full of Love, A Peaceful Sleep,
    A Beautiful Dream, and A prayer that will come true!
    Good Night…!

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