• December 7, 2022

Funny Valentines Day Quotes For Facebook

 Funny Valentines Day Quotes For Facebook

Sending funny quotes to others is shows that you are very happy and you want to makes other happy. Funny quotes always bring a smile on other faces. Valentine day is good time for everyone and people wish to others with different ways. Some people always prefer to funny quotes. If this year you are far from your dear ones and you can’t celebrate valentine day with them then you should wish them through Facebook. Get through us best collection of funny valentine day quotes for facebook and share and tag them.
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  • You have given me strength when I am weak, made me smile when I am sad. You showered me with love when I needed it the most. I love you for always bringing out the best in me. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
  • If you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day; don’t be sad. Most people don’t have Aids on World Aids day as well…Happy Valentine.
  • I would eat a lot more healthy food if it required no preparation or stayed fresh as long as junk food.Happy Valentine Day.
  • 2 reasons on why Valentine’s Day sucks: 1. it makes single people feel like crap & 2. it’s kind of scary to know that a fat baby is running around with a weapon.
  • Valentine’s Day: the holiday that reminds you that if you don’t have a special someone, you’re alone.
  • Don’t talk to me about Valentine’s Day. At my age an affair of the heart is a bypass!
  • A word to the wise isn’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice. Happy Valentine Day.
  • No woman will ever be truly satisfied on Valentine’s Day because no man has a chocolate penis wrapped in money that ejaculates diamonds.
  • Valentine’s Day,A night at home,Complaining about stupid couples,Because I’m for ever alone.
  • Don’t sad!,When you are not have a Valentine on Valentine’s day because you r not able to catch a girlfriend. feel Happy.

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