• November 30, 2022

Funny Facebook Prank Ideas – How To Pull Funny Pranks On Facebook

 Funny Facebook Prank Ideas – How To Pull Funny Pranks On Facebook

There are different types of Funny Facebook Prank and if you would like to get best collection of pranks for april fool then you can obtain through us.
Pranks always make other happy and change others mood. If you need to get funny facebook prank and you are looking for best ideas then you can get through us.


The ‘Like’ Facebook Prank
Step 1 – Select a friend.
Step 2 – ‘Like’ all of their profile including photos, wall posts, comments, etc.
Step 3 – Every time you ‘Like’ something, remove it straight after.
Step 4 – Your friend will obtain loads of notifications!
The Fake Profile Link Facebook Prank
A huge & puzzling prank for your buddies on facebook is the fake profile link prank. It is a facebook link that looks like any other connection however it automatically redirects anybody who clicks on it to their own timeline. It means you can post it on your timeline as a status & fool your friends utilizing it! Check out the next page for instructions on how to pull this facebook joke:
The Identity Theft Facebook Prank
Step 1 – Select a friend.
Step 2 – Copy their timeline picture & make it your own.
Step 3 – Alter your name to their name.
Step 4 – Preferably this is best with a group of buddies stealing the identity of one pal.

Timeline Switch Practical Joke On Facebook
You require doing this joke with a friend on Facebook. To make fool your friends on Facebook, switch all your timeline pictures & information & maybe swap your names. Your friends will with a bit of luck all be very puzzled when they go on every of your profiles!

April Fools Day Status Update Pranks

April fool’s day on Facebook is now the one day of the year when each girl is pregnant. Of course this isn’t right; it is just everybody posting joke status updates to fool their buddies. If you would like to post a joke or prank status update this April fool’s day, try utilizing one of our ideas – you will be sure to acquire the concentration of your friends!
Here are a few shocking & amazing statements that you can fool your buddies with.
Announce that you are:
1) Pregnant
2) Engaged
3) Moving to another state
4) Just got fired
5) Got arrested & put in jail
6) Dropping out of school
7) Won the lottery
To make the above jokes more authentic & to fool more of your buddies, try uploading a photos along with the status. So if you were sayings that you were pregnant, upload an image of a pregnancy test. Or if you were pretending you won the lottery, upload an image with you holding the winning ticket!
April Fools Day Facebook Jokes/Pranks
1) Delete all your buddies then add them again at 12pm.
2) Alter your birthday on Facebook to April 1st. The people who don’t know you that well will begin wishing you happy birthday!

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